The Ears Have It – Review

by Rebecca Connolly

Publisher : Phase Publishing (July 27, 2021)
Language : English
Paperback : 278 pages
ISBN-10 : 1952103290
ISBN-13 : 978-1952103292

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To see or not to see…

Emmeline Bartlett has a secret. By day, she is the polite, proper, sometimes teacher of writing and rhetoric at the prestigious Miss Masters’s Finishing School. But by night, she disguises herself as the mysterious Ears, exploring and investigating the darker sides of London, writing articles about her discoveries under a pseudonym and exposing scandals. When a handsome Spaniard crosses her path, Emmeline discovers new adventures in London by night, as well as new dangers.

Teodoro de Vickers y Mendoza isn’t sure what he is going to do with the title he inherited from his estranged English grandfather, but he’s come to England to find out. Meeting Ears on a nighttime walk isn’t part of the plan, nor is finding her intriguing, exciting, and beautiful. The further he gets into her world, the more he wonders about his own, and the less certain he is about everything.

Except for her.

As the offspring of an English father and a Spanish mother, Teo is torn between two countries. After the death of his estranged grandfather, he returns to an England he doesn’t know.

Emmeline has always looked for adventure and stories, and she finds it best when she silently tours the streets of London at night. Balancing her nightly sleuthing skills as Ears, her daytime routine following around her Aunt like a proper lady, and her occasional teaching position at a finishing school, leaves her days and nights busy. Yet Emmeline still wonders which identity she really is.

Teo falls head over heels really fast and his entire life and all his thoughts seem consumed by Emmeline. To me it seemed a little fast. Emmeline falls in love pretty fast as well, but it doesn’t seem to consume her entire life as much.

There’s quite a bit of Spanish in this book. I know enough Spanish, so I didn’t have any problems reading it, and it fit the character’s personalities better to use their native tongue. However, if you don’t know Spanish, you may want to have a way to translate it nearby.

Gent is in this book! I love him! If you haven’t read his book (The Lady and the Gent), you really should.

My favorite parts of The Ears Have It are the plots, mystery, and the London League. There were a lot of little connections from previous books that I loved. A major plot is also a continuation, but this book can be read on its own.

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