Blog Tour and Review: An Autumn Kiss

by Laura Rollins, Annette Lyon, Lisa H. Catmull

Publisher : Mirror Press (September 1, 2022)
Language : English
Paperback : 275 pages
ISBN-10 : 195261130X
ISBN-13 : 978-1952611308

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Will one kiss change their lives?

In this collection:

THE PLUCKY MISS RUTH by Laura Rollins:
Miss Ruth Hughes is certain she’s caught in a time loop—every day she wakes to find it exactly as the one before. A thrilling prospect to be sure. If the many books she reads on time travel has taught her anything, it is that to break free she must complete an all-important task. For Ruth the task is straightforward: reunite a couple, once desperately in love but forced apart by society. Unfortunately, things are not always as easy as they first appear. Struggling, Ruth opens up to the handsome Lord Lambert and he readily agrees to help. With autumn on the brink of turning into winter, time is running out for Ruth to help the ones who need her most. And, with a bit of luck, perhaps she can even find a little time for her own happily ever after.

MR. DOWLING’S REMEDY by Annette Lyon:
Crandall Dowling’s aspirations of becoming a physician collapse when he develops symptoms that land him in an asylum. He’s been at Sherville Retreat long enough for autumn leaves to appear when Beverly Stanton arrives. She’s held under the dubious diagnosis of “hysteria” but seems perfectly sane, unlike Crandall, though his verbal and physical tics don’t seem to scare or even bother her. Beverly and Crandall develop a friendship fueled by an undeniable attraction that under other circumstances could become more. But in an asylum, one cannot plan a future, let alone one of love or marriage. Then tragedy strikes, testing staff and patients beyond anyone’s training. When the dust settles, Beverly’s diagnosis may be reversed, but if she leaves, what will become of her? What of Crandall? And what of their autumn-born love?

Mr. Adrian Everard has tried everything to keep his father’s factory open, but a single solution remains. Marry an heiress before Christmas to fund the desperately needed railway. The local landowner, Lady Anne Baxter, will not agree to sell her garden—or her heart. Indeed, his childhood friend is determined to sabotage all his efforts to find a wife. As the deadline for Adrian to choose a bride draws close, one thing becomes painfully obvious. Saving the factory will mean losing the woman he loves forever.

The Plucky Miss Ruth by Laura Rollins

Ruth Hughes cares about science, books, and solitude, while she believes Lord Lambert cares for society and parties. She feels that her life is stuck in a continuous loop and the only way to break it is to reunite her cousin with her long lost love.

I found the continuous loop concept interesting. I am certainly a creature of habit, and I can see other people doing the same things over and over again routinely.

This was a sweet story, and I liked the setting of the garden and the changing of the season. I also liked the message of the quote of asking questions and listening to people.

Ruth knew, for all her book learning, she needed to do a little less presuming and a little more asking questions of people.

Mr. Dowling’s Remedy by Annette Lyon

Beverly Stanton has been committed to an asylum by her stepfather for “hysteria” as a way to get her out of his way and to make way for his daughter. At the asylum, Beverly meets Crandall Dowling. Crandall had been on his way to becoming a doctor before being committed by his mentor due to Tourette Syndrome. People believed that he was possessed by a demon.

If one was a hysterical lunatic, one wouldn’t know it, would they? How could she be sure of her own sanity? How could anyone?

I loved the point of view of Crandall the most. He was in such a dark place before he met Beverly. There were things that he couldn’t control, and instead of people being understanding, they were horrible to him. Beverly brings such a spark of light to him that is beautiful to see.

People believe that some of these barbaric treatments are a thing of the past, but a number of them are still done today. My sister is a mental health clinician. She and her company have had to work with a parent to get her child away from a local institute that still uses shock therapy. There are far more things that still go on, it is truly appalling what is still happening.

A Railway Through the Roses by Lisa H. Catmull

Lady Anne Baxter is a baroness who has had 6 seasons and is waiting for love but has only come across fortune hunters.

Adrian Everard is one of those fortune hunters. His father has threatened to disinherit him if he doesn’t marry an heiress in the next few months and secure funding for their business.

I loved this story! I always love the trope of childhood friends to more, and I really enjoyed the way their relationship progressed.

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