Pleasantly Pursued – Review

by Kasey Stockton

Publisher : Golden Owl Press (September 7, 2022)
Publication date : September 7, 2022
Language : English
Print length : 338 pages

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Thea Northcott cannot abide Benedict Bradwell, and the feeling is mutual. Or, is it?

I would do nearly anything to avoid the lecherous advances of an eager earl, including running away from my finishing school and finding employment under a false name. The work turned out to be harder than I expected, however, and the prospect of returning to a life of comfort and a significant reduction of welts on my hands and shadows beneath my eyes just might be a temptation I’m too weary to refuse. The problem: the invitation comes from Benedict, the ultimate tormentor of my youth and brief object of my infatuation—the latter of which he can never find out.

When I found Thea working in the belly of a grand house and did my best to convince her to return home with me where my mother awaited her, I did not expect her to agree. Our years of quarreling had solidified the woman as my enemy, and traveling alone together was a prospect that both terrified and intrigued me. Thea had only been my friend for a brief time years ago, and I do not know why she turned us against one another. But now that we’re forced together again, I cannot help but renew my determination to find out. Because a woman who would hate me with such fire was bound to love with the same fervor.

Thea Northcott has been raised by parents who had no respect for marriage vows, and she finds herself in the unfortunate position of having fallen in love with a flirt she can’t trust with her heart.

I love the banter between Thea and Ben, but I love even more how they are just drawn to each other.

Kasey Stockton is fast becoming one of my go to authors. I have been loving this series, and I can’t wait to read Henry’s book.

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