Engaging Sir Isaac (Inglewood #4) – Review


by Sally Britton

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Publication Date: February 28, 2020
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She swore she would win the baronet’s heart in order to break it, never dreaming she would lose her own in the process.

Millicent Wedgwood will never obtain her rightful place in Society, which means she will never have an advantageous reputation, marriage, or fortune. All because Millie’s sister eloped years before. But there is a chance to rise above that disgrace if Millie will take part in a dare. If she can win the baronet who insulted Lady Olivia, and then shatter his heart, she will earn back her position in Society with Lady Olivia’s sponsorship.

Sir Isaac Fox returned from war with one less arm and a weight upon his soul. Where once he easily charmed Society, he now prefers to remain quietly alone at home. With a failing estate to manage, Isaac is determined to be more responsible and less foolhardy, which leaves no time for romance. Certainly no time for the infuriatingly enchanting Miss Wedgwood.

When Millie realizes her game has put her own heart in jeopardy, she risks losing everything she has so desperately sought to replace in her life. And though Isaac refuses Millie’s advances, he cannot deny her charm. But falling for Miss Wedgwood would mean reentering society and losing the peace he has found since the war. Can they find a way to heal their hearts together? Or will Millie’s deception ruin them both?


Inglewood has been such a great series, and I have been really looking forward to Isaac’s story. Isaac is a fan favorite with so many people. I felt that Isaac’s story had a lot to live up to and it has definitely succeeded!

The first appearance of Isaac in this book reminds us of why we love him so much. I loved seeing Isaac open up and he has the best sense of humor. I wasn’t sure who I really pictured him with but Millie turns out to be perfect for him.

“And the way Isaac stared at her, a depth in his eyes that nearly invited her in, offering to make her a part of something different—”

Millie and Isaac’s meet-cute is so funny. I love a good meet-cute.

“From the first moment I saw you, pretending you were a groundskeeper, I have thought you handsome, witty, and most infuriating.”

Sally Britton has such a great flow to her writing and the books are always hard to put down. She also writes characters that really stay with you long after you finish reading.

Lord Neil is one of those characters you don’t like at the beginning but than want to know more about. I was glad to hear that he will get his own story.

This book can be read as a standalone but I would recommend reading the entire series to really get to know the back story.

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