Whispering Pines (The Langtry Sisters) – Review

pinescover.jpgWritten by Scarlett Dunn

Series: The Langtry Sisters (Book 1)
Mass Market Paperback: 352 pages
Publisher: Zebra (July 25, 2017)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1420144480
ISBN-13: 978-1420144482
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In Scarlett Dunn’s heartfelt inspirational series, three sisters return home to beautiful, enigmatic Whispering Pines, Colorado, and discover the men who’ll claim their love . . .

As a young girl, Rose Langtry feared her gruff, handsome rancher neighbor. Coming back to Colorado after five years, she’s outraged to find Morgan LeMasters ready to hang her brother for rustling and theft. But when the resulting skirmish leaves her injured, Morgan’s tender care turns her unease to unexpected closeness . . . and admiration.

Stopping Frankie Langtry and his gang has long been Morgan’s priority, yet he can’t resist Rose’s pleas for mercy. As brave and spirited as she is soft-hearted, Rose needs support to keep her family farm from going under, and a marriage of convenience will provide it. Morgan hardly dares admit, even to himself, his longing for a deeper, truer union. But her brother’s grudge is bringing danger back to Whispering Pines, and it’ll take forgiveness, courage—and a bond built on faith—to create a family and a future together . . .

This book is categorized as a Christian romance, however it is not Christian. The main character carries around a Bible and quotes Bible verses, yet she does not live a moral life and is extremely hypocritical.

Rose was “blessed with a warm, caring heart” yet she believed that Morgan LeMasters was Satan because her brother said so. She was also scared of him, even though her grandmother said he was a “very nice young man”. Later in the book, she tells Morgan that she fell in love with him because all the women competed for him and he was so handsome.

In the beginning, Morgan is supposed to be protecting Rose and instead he spends the entire time hitting on her while she is most vulnerable. Rose is in a lot of pain, won’t eat, and can hardly move due to broken ribs but she has no problem making out with Morgan. She makes out on a bed with a guy she has supposedly been afraid of her entire life and then is surprised at what she thinks are his intentions.

“I would not give myself to any man without the benefit of marriage. You of all people know how I was reared, and the beliefs my family hold clear. I can’t fathom how you would think I would abandon my faith.”

The hypocrisy of this quote really bothers me and set the tone for this book. She says these things, yet Morgan is the one who has to stop Rose from going as far as she wants to. And when he does stop them from going too far, Rose assumes he is cheating on her with another woman.

They only seem to be interested in each other physically and have no real conversations. Their topics include her injuries, her brothers, and how attractive they find each other. Later in the book, when they are worried for each other’s lives, they still are only missing the physical aspects of one another. Everyone also thinks Rose is the most beautiful woman they have ever seen and all the men love her on sight and all the woman flirt with Morgan. It’s incredibly unrealistic.

The hypocrisy continues when Rose decides she wants to go to church and says that she has never missed a Sunday. However, once she finds out that she could stay home alone with Morgan she decides that she no longer wants to go to church.

The story repeats itself many times and is dragged out. There are also a lot of cliché comments. Most of the book was not very interesting and I did not feel invested in the characters.

I would not recommend this book and I would rate it 1-2 stars. I received this book from Netgalley. This review is 100% my own opinion.

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